Cloud Contact Centre

Cloud contact centre solutions

A cloud contact centre allows prompt service and
communication to your customers via their channel of choice

Cloud Contact Centre uses omnichannel communications and advanced analytics to deliver an exceptional customer call experience

Simple. scalable and flexible, an omnichannel cloud contact centre delivers on today’s customer expectations while improving workforce performance.
Connect with your customers in the way they choose

Voice is no longer the sole communication choice for customers. Today they want access by text, email, voice and video calling, and even social media. If your business is using only old-fashioned telephone technology, you’re probably losing potential customers to your competitors.

Call analytics helps you improve business performance
Capture real-time data across the contact channels your customers use and switch seamlessly between channels to deliver a better customer experience and improved business performance. - Track call history so you can regulate your team schedule to meet demand - Monitor agent and call performance - Calls can be routed globally, connecting customers to available agents at any time of day or night. - Improved analytics lets you measure call performance, including real-time call volumes and average wait times - Intelligent routing means customers can be instantly connected to the right agent. - Track customer communications across channels to deliver exceptional service
Essential reasons to switch to a cloud contact centre
Easy to use - Easy for customers to access their preferred communication channel - Save money on your existing network and telephony costs - The system is automatically updated and upgraded behind the scenes with no downtime - Simple integration with core business apps - One system replaces the need to switch between different communication programs to handle customer queries - Your agents can work from home or anywhere in the world and still take calls, with all the information at their fingertips
Simple & scalable system
You’re familiar with the concept of a call centre where team members handle phone calls from customers. A cloud contact centre is similar but offers greatly advanced features and uses a variety of contact channels for connection including social media, chat, and SMS. Hosted on the cloud, it is a simple, scalable, and quite elastic system which is easy to use and integrates with your existing platforms. It’s fast and easy to scale up or down to suit your business needs and instantly add new agents when you need them.
Deliver an improved customer experience
Cloud Contact Centre gives you customer information when you need it. Before they even answer the call, your agent will know who is calling and see all the data relating to them and their interaction with the business. Your customers don’t need to repeat their story every time they call.
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